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Ballroom dancing is a partnership dance where couples, using step-patterns, move rhythmically, expressing the characteristics of music. Ballroom dancing consists of two styles: the Smooth, or Standard, and the Rhythm, or Latin. The Smooth, Standard style focuses on the elegance, grace and fluidity of movement. Dancers rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, moving around the entire floor. The couple is constantly moving on the dance floor, transitioning from one place to the next in a fixed pattern. The Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep are danced in this manner.

Adult Tap

This fun, upbeat class is for all skill levels. Emphasis will be on proper technique, clarity of sound, speed/tempo and exploring new and more intricate rhythms. Students will be exposed to a variety of tap choreography including Traditional, Broadway, Rhythm Tap and more.

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a great way to work on Ballet technique in a relaxed, pressure free environment. Class will consist of Barre work and centre practice. Adult ballet is a great way to strengthen the core and is excellent for injury prevention. 

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